Happy 8 years and her mother Candy 10 years


Looney at 8 months






Senne 15 months & Looney 1 year






Senne at 10 months, he loves everybody including all animals









Senne 4 months old


Candy 9,5 and her daughter Happy 7,5 years old


Come on horse, let's go.....




Candy, Happy, and Unique in front


Unique and friend Zorro the cat



My precious dogs










Nanushka and Candy





Mom and her beautiful daughter



Happy as she is.....



Lexy 11 years with Zorro the cat


Candy 8 1/2 years



Happy, Candy and Vegaz


 Nanushka and Happy


Lexy, Candy, Happy and Nanushka. August 2019



 Candy and daughter Happy


Lexy march 2019 



 Jelena maart 2019



 Jelena en haar dochter Nanushka, en Happy


 Jelena en vogeltje


Happy en Jelena


Haiko ( 9.6), Lexy ( 9 ), Happy (3), Jelena ( 7) and Kati (8) 

photo magazine ' De Woef'



Happy en Jelena






Jelena with her daughter Nanushka



Playing at the lake


Happy and Nanushka, best friends.






Jelena in action !!








Happy and Jelena


Lexy:  you ain't gonna get me into the water....



My Easy Living girls : Jelena (7),  Candy (5), Happy (3), Nanushka (3),  Lexy ( 9)






Drinking together after a long walk


Candy and Jelena




Jelena, Nanushka, Lexy, Candy, Happy, Gouli

Candy, Happy, Lexy


In heaven with my girls


Candy ,my sweet girl



Jelena & Lexy Easy Living


Candy, Happy, Lexy and Nanushka Easy Living



Lexy and Candy Easy Living


Jelena & Happy Easy Living


Georgiana (8,10 years) & Lisa


Nanushka Easy Living, 2 years old


Happy, Lisa, Jelena, Candy & Lexy


Lexy,Happy,Candy and friends




Candy Easy Living




Georgiana, Nanushka & Jelena Easy Living, 3 generations in a row






Happy (Katarzyna x Jenson) in a deep sleep





Lexy's nose......


Kati & Happy


Kati, Katarzyna (Candy), Nikola (Happy), Georgiana, Nanushka, Jelena & Halexandra (Lexy).



Georgiana Easy Living   8,5 jaar



De oma's met hun kleinkinderen, vlnr; Nanushka, Georgiana, Nikito & Nikita










Jelena & Georgiana




Lexy & Happy




Halexandra Easy Living, aka Lexy


Candy & Jelena


3 Babushka children from different litters. ENikita, Georgiana & Haiko.


The water is wet !!!!  Help !!!  Lexy doesn't like it...


Candy  (Katarzyna)  getting wet....


Lexy  (Halexandra)


Jelena & Georgiana

Jelena and her mother Georgiana




Met het Berner forum op wandeling in Domburg.vlnr, Halexandra, Limari, Kalina & Jelena.


ENikita & Jenson on a road trip in Germany


ENikita Easy Living, 7 years


Jelena Easy Living, 2 years


Halexandra, CH.Georgiana, Kati & Jelena


At Bokrijk with Halexandra and Jenson



Jenson and his mum Halexandra


Jenson, checking out the old farm


Kati as sweet as she is


Hassan with his son Jenson


Katarzyna, daughter of Prince & Gathinka, 3 months.


Jenson during his social behavior test.


Kalina as puppy


Litter Gathinka & Prince 4 weeks old


Georgiana & Jenson, before


Jenson & Georgiana during their "walk"




Jelena & Poes, our cat


Enikita at the Dutch Clubmatch in Zutphen, 1 Excellent




Halexandra Easy Living


Jaden Easy Living


Halexandra & Jaden


Babushka Easy Living, 8 1/2 years at Omaha Beach.


Kati, Xanders Hill Kiss me baby


Jelena Easy Living


4 Generations Easy Living, I'Catharina, Babushka, Gathinka & ENikita


Babushka met haar achterkleinkind Idefix




Chocoladewandeling met Haiko, Babushka, Lexy en Ibo.


Babushka, 7Ĺ jaar

Gathinka, 7,5 jaar






Happy & Lexy



Candy and her daughter Happy


Georgiana, Lexy, Jelena, Nanushka, Happy & Candy




Jelena  & Georgiana Easy Living



Jelena Easy Living


Ibo, Ann, Jup, Kati, Hans, Kalina, Kayla, Nina, Lexy, Nikita en Wendy.


Jelena & Lexy


Lisa, Candy, Jelena, Hans & Lexy


Candy  (Katarzyna), happy as ever !


Lexy  (Halexandra)  &  Candy  (Katarzyna)


Candy   (Katarzyna)


Georgiana, Jelena & Lisa


Jelena & mother Georgiana


Jelena, Kati, Katarzyna, Georgiana, Nikita & Halexandra.


Jelena & Halexandra




July 7th 2012, somewhere in Germany


3 generations , Ishtar (Bamse), mother Gathinka & grandmother Nikita Easy Living.




Halexandra & Jenson at Bokrijk




Katarzyna, daughter of Halexandra, 4 months old


Kalina, 7 months


Kalina, daughter of Halexandra & Prince. 5 months


Op de hondenschool


and after......



Jenson, as youngster


Lexy with her kids, Jenson (left) and Jaden (right)


Junior, Georgiana, Halexandra & Ibo Easy Living


Georgiana with her daughter Jelena (10 months)


Kati (Kiss me Baby)


Jenson Easy Living


Gathinka Easy Living


Kati & Poes


Lexy, studying the computerscreen.




Kati, juist terug van de hondenschool.


Lexy wordt juist wakker


Nikita met een zwaar hoofd.....


Wandelen met de viendjes Cedi en Gino


Georgiana and Gathinka playing


Nikita, Gathinka & Georgiana


Babushka met haar dochters, Nikita & Georgiana


Nikita, Babushka & Gathinka, 3 generaties